Mobile Web Design

Over the past Summer, I worked as a design intern at ThredUP, the largest online thrift and consignment store, located in San Francisco. I was tasked with designing and building a new mobile landing page targeted at a Gen-Z consumer demographic. The second hand clothing industry has grown tremendously in recent years, especially amongst a Gen Z demographic due to online fashion influencers. Because of this, we wanted to make ThredUp, which is typically targeted at a middle-aged female demographic, more accessible and appealing to the Gen-Z shopper.  


I collaborated with the product and marketing teams to conduct market research and data analysis on Gen Z consumers in order to build a mobile landing page that would engage these consumers. 


Click HERE to explore the entire mobile web page.

Research Methods & Findings

Collaborating with other interns from the product and marketing teams, we gathered data through market research as well as conducting Gen-Z customer surveys. These surveys were aimed at 18-24 year old ThredUp shoppers and asked about their shopping habits as well as why they choose ThredUp. Here's what we concluded:

Research Findings

  • The top 20 brands shopped by Gen-Z consumers

  • 85% buy second hand for ethical/environmental reasons

  • 80% wanted to afford brands that they couldn’t otherwise

  • Most Gen-Z consumers love in-app shopping features but there is low awareness about our App

  • Most Gen-Z consumers learn about ThredUp through an influencer

From our research findings, we then looked at the mobile landing sites of the top 20 brands that Gen-Z consumers typically shop at, including Boohoo, Forever 21, and Adidas. Based on the most common features on these sites in addition to the data from our surveys, we were able to decide what features we wanted to implement on our own mobile landing page as well as the look and user experience of the page. The main goal of these features was to send the customer to product pages on our main site.

Wireframe Sketches

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 12.27.22
Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 12.27.29
Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 12.27.35

Final Landing Page Design


– Shop [Influencer’s] Style

  • Influencer inspired brands & styles 

  • Most new Gen-Z customers access ThredUp through an influencer link 

  • Direct user to content that is more likely to appeal to them

– New Customer Promo Code 

– Shop Top Brands Block

  • Showcase brands favored by Gen-Z

  • Have brands visible to audience

– Shop Designer/ Sale Block

  • Highlight our latest sale

  • Have our sale showcased in a way that is on brand while also appealing to Gen-Z

– Shop Category

  • Makes it easy for user to shop what
    they are looking for

  • Showcases product we have to offer

– Social Media CTA

– Clean Out CTA

– ThredUp App Download Block

  • Direct users to our App