Brand Marketing


CloroxPro, the business to business branch of Clorox, found an opportunity to refresh their brand during the Covid-19 pandemic, when disinfection and sanitization mattered more than ever. The vision of the rebrand was to establish CloroxPro as a leader in public health and to create and strengthen bonds with healthcare and janitorial workers.

The "Together" campaign emphasized appreciation, empathy, and partnership with the CloroxPro audience and successfully recognized the hard work and sacrifice of our essential public health workers, working at the frontlines for our health and safety. The clean and simplistic graphics and headlines, paired with hopeful imagery of those who benefit from the work of essential workers help to tell this story as well as position CloroxPro as a trustworthy partner. 

public transit_mask_longcopy.jpg

I was involved in every step of the "Together" campaign from conceptual development through production. I spearheaded the visual and copy direction, designed digital and print collateral, and worked closely with developers to launch the final products.