Busy chasing that creative spark!


I’m Sharon Pan, a life-long creative problem solver and currently a Communications Designer at Wish.


My long term goals as a designer are:


1) Creating inspirational & impactful design: 

I design with the purpose of moving people through work that is both empathetic and accessible.

2) Versatility:

 I aim to be versatile in my craft so I am well-equipped to tackle any project.


These goals are reflected in my personal logo which is a combination of my initials and an 'ampersand' to symbolize design that goes beyond just being visually appealing and to symbolize constant growth and persistence as a designer. The lil twinkle is a nod to the inspirational design that I'm constantly striving for.


My other pursuits include reading webtoons, photography, hiking, eating brunch for all meals of the day, and thrifting home goods.

Let's get in touch:

Email: sharonypan29@gmail.com

Tel: (415) 412-9098

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/sharonypan/